Fleet Support Team

Keeping the Ambulances Stocked

Each of our units at the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) must be stocked with the right amount and type of medical supply each shift.  Through the hard work of the Resource Department, our medics know that when they reach for something, it will always be there.  RAA exceeds the state requirements for equipping each unit.  Using the “Make Ready System” we are able to efficiently restock, decontaminate and prepare a vehicle to a task ready condition within 30 minutes of it ending its operational period.  Each RAA ambulance is stocked identically so any crew member, no matter what vehicle knows exactly where to get the necessary equipment from when dealing with a patient. The Resource department also has the responsibility of delivering equipment to crews in the field during mass casualty incidents, fire stand by events and decontaminating the units after every shift.  The Resource Department is an integral part of the Richmond EMS system.


Keeping the Ambulances Running

The Richmond Ambulance Authority owns 34 ambulances and several support vehicles. It is the responsibility of Fleet Services to keep the ambulances maintained to the highest mechanical standards. Each of the Department’s mechanics are ASE certified and members of the National Safety Council. Like the airline industry, the Authority uses maintenance and replacement procedures designed to eliminate breakdowns before they occur. It maintains an aggressive preventive maintenance routine whereby each ambulance receives bumper-to-bumper service after 5,000 miles of driving. In addition to mechanical training, some of the members of the department have participated in medical training and have ridden along with the clinical care team to gain a deeper understanding of ambulance usage during a call. Based on this experience, they have made a number of physical modifications to the ambulances to make them more user-friendly for EMS crews and patients.